Enhanced Forest Resource Inventory (eFRI)


As part of the government’s response to the recommendations from the Minister's Council on Forest Sector Competitiveness, the enhancement of the Forest Resources Inventory program was announced on September 29, 2005. As part of the enhancement the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) assumed full responsibility for production of the Forest Resources Inventory.


Coming out of that decision the administration of funding for the program was assigned to the Forestry Futures Trust Committee.  In addition, a Provincial Forest Inventory Advisory Committee (PFIAC) was established to advise the MNRF on how to ensure the FRI program would remain current and effective.  The PFIAC was given the option of utilizing technical committees to provide input on the design of the program. The MNRF retains the overall stewardship role, policy responsibility, scheduling and priority setting, standard setting, quality control and information management requirements for the program.


eFRI Funding Clarification


Funding for the eFRI program does not come from the traditional $0.54/m3 FFT stumpage charge, but has its own funding stream. The eFRI program has a separate $10 million/yr commitment from the government to ensure the success of this program. Funding the program does not entail an additional contribution to the FFT by the forest industry, nor does it affect the core FFT silviculture program.


Knowledge Transfer and Tool Development (KTTD)


Round 1

All projects are closed.  Links to presentations and deliverables can be found under the Workshop menu.


Round 2

Approved project summaries can be found here and deliverabled linked in the table below, when available.

Project name



Using the eFRI to predict hardwood selection stands in the Bancroft Minden Forest

Bancroft-Minden Forest Company

Project cancelled by applicant

Seasonal Operability Predictor Tool for Forest Operations

Resource Innovations Inc.

Seasonal Operability Predictor Toolbox (.tbx  ArcGIS file) Contact office for file

Seasonal Operability Predictor Tool for Forest Operations - Technical Operations Guide (.pdf)

Overlay Raster (.lyr  ArcGIS file) Contact office for file

Modeling post-fire residual shoreline forest pattern


Final Report: Newax, Md.S., Mackereth, R.W., Mallik, A.U., McCormick, D., 2020.  How much

boreal lake shoreline is burned by wildfire?  Implications for emulating natural disturbance in

riparian forest management. For. Ecol. Manag. 473, 1-9.

FRIHub: A Discovery Portal for FRI Data and Products

Lim Geomatics Inc

Webinar pending

ITESTA - Individual Tree Extraction and Species Typing Analysis

Lim Geomatics Inc

Webinar pending

Next Generation eFRI Ground Data Collection App

ArborData Consulting Ltd

Final Report - Next Generation eFRI Mobile Application (.pdf)  

[report contains links to the eLiDAR App (located on Github) and a downloadable Android version of eLiDAR]

Development of an enhanced operational forest inventory based on multispectral imagery and 3D point data.

KBM Resources Group

Report pending

eFRI Accuracy Assessment and Change Update Approaches

University of British Columbia

Final Report - Development of a Forest Inventory using 2018 Single Photon LiDAR and Assessing Decadal Forest Change (.pdf)

Scoping an enhanced G&Y program to complement the eFRI

Forest Analysis Ltd.

Final Report - The Ontario Growth and Yield Program Status and Needs - Report to the Forestry Futures Trust Committee (.pdf)

Ontario Growth & Yield Status and Needs Final Report (.pptx)

An analysis of machine learning methodologies for determining stand level attributes.

KBM Resources Group

Report pending

Enhancing Forest Inventory with Terrestrial LiDAR

Overstory Consultants

Final Report - Enhancing Forest Inventory with TLiDAR (.pdf)

 Science Insights Seminar Feb. 6, 2019 - Enhancing Growth and Yield Data Collection and Forest Resource Inventory with Terrestrial LiDAR 

Exploring the innovation potential of single photon LiDAR for Ontario’s eFRI

Canadian Institute of Forestry

Final Report - Exploring the Innovation Potential of Single Phton LiDAR for Ontario's eFRI (.pdf)

Appendix C Part 1 2018 AFRIT SPL Inventory Field Protocols (.pdf)

Appendix C Part 2 Small Tree Sampling Protocol (.pdf)

Appendix C Part 3 Validation Data Collection Protocols for Petawawa Research Forest (.pdf)

Appendix D Penner Petawawa Research Forest SPL Final Report (.pdf)



CIF/IFC Electronic Lecture Feb. 6, 2019 - Remote Sensing Tools and Approaches to eFRI - an Ontario &

National Snapshot  pdf and  

Article in Canadian Institute of Forestry membership magazine:                                                                                             CIF. Strong research collaborations are key in exploring the innovation potential of new technologies

for the forest sector:  New data for mapping the terrain surface. The Leader, Spring 2020, pp. 20-23. 

English copy: 

French Copy:


A Review, Enhancement, and Accuracy Assessment of Wetland Features within the eFRI

Confederation College

Final Report - A Review, Enhancement, and Accuracy Assessment of Wetland Features within the eFRI

Validation of eFRI  and SkyForest

First Resource Management Group Inc.

Final Report - Validation of the eFRI and SkyForestTM with validation samples on the Temagami Forest (.pdf)

Post-Harvest Surveys from Satellite Capture and Machine Learning

Global Surface Intelligence Ltd. (GSI)

Report pending

Forest Health Monitoring from Satellite Capture and Machine Learning

Global Surface Intelligence Ltd. (GSI)

Report pending

Species Composition Determined from Satellite Images and Machine Learning

Global Surface Intelligence Ltd. (GSI)

Final Report - ForestNow Tree Species Composition Identification Results for the Romeo 

Malette and Ned Lake Forests


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