KTTD Round 2 Deliverables will be linked to the table as available
Small-Scale KTTD Projects: Funding < $25,000 and one-year duration
  Company Project Deliverables
KTTD 2A-2018 Resource Innovations Inc. Seasonal Operability Predictor Tool for Forest Operations
  1. Stand-level, seasonal operability prediction tool in ArcGIS
  2. User Guide
KTTD 3A-2018 MNRF Modeling post-fire residual shoreline forest pattern
  1. Presentation(s) on project to partner groups
  2. Final project report
KTTD 4A-2018 Lim Geomatics Inc. FRIHub: A Discovery Portal for FRI Data and Products
  1. FRIHub Discovery Portal
  2. Training Materials (User Guide and Help Videos)
  3. Technical Workshop (Hands-On Training) -
  4. Webinar Workshop-pending
KTTD 5A-2018 Lim Geomatics Inc. ITESTA - Individual Tree Extraction and Species Typing Analysis
  1. Knowledge and technology transfer workshop-pending
KTTD 6A-2018 ArborData Consulting Ltd Next Generation eFRI Ground Data Collection App
  1. App. Final Version
  2. Technology Transfer documentation
KTTD 7A-2018 KBM Resources Group Development of an enhanced operational forest inventory based on multispectral imagery and 3D point data.
  1. Mobile mapping application with easy access to viewing and querying of operational FRI sub-compartments
Large-Scale KTTD Projects: Funding >$25,000 and up to two-year duration
  Company Project Deliverable
KTTD 1B-2018 University of British Columbia Development of a Forest Inventory Using 2018 Single Photon LiDAR and Assessing Decadal Forest Change
  1. Initial location and number of plots required for field season. [Digital Layers]
  2. Field plot data will be delivered to support long-term forest resource inventory production and broader monitoring objectives. [Digital Data]
  3. EFI Modeled Forest Attributes using the ABA approach over the estate. [Short Report and Digital Layers]
  4. Accuracy Assessment of EFI and comparison between mid 2000 and SPL EFI. [Report - Draft Peer-Reviewed Publication]
  5. Change assessment and ITD based analysis. [Report]
  6. Final Report
KTTD 2B-2018 Forest Analysis Ltd. Scoping an enhanced Growth and Yield program to complement the eFRI
  1. Final Report
  2. Final Presentation to MNRF
KTTD 3B-2018 KBM Resources Group An analysis of machine learning methodologies for determining stand level attributes.
  1. Final report
  2. Public workshop/ presentations
KTTD 4B-2018 Overstory Consultants Enhancing Forest Inventory with Terrestrial LiDAR
  1. Final project summary report complete
KTTD 5B-2018 Canadian Institute of Forestry Exploring the innovation potential of single photon LiDAR for Ontario’s eFRI
  1. Technical report summarizing project outcomes
  2. National e-Lecture hosted by CIF reporting on project outcomes
KTTD 8B-2018 First Resource Management Group Inc. Validation of eFRI  and SkyForestTM
  1. Report on validation and the potential of SkyForestTM to aid in eFRI updating/ validation.
  2. Electronic   operational maps from SkyForestTM data
KTTD 9B-2018 Global Surface Intelligence Ltd. (GSI) Post-Harvest Surveys from Satellite Capture and Machine Learning
  1. Density, Height, Site Occupancy, Species Composition at harvest blocks as geotiffs
KTTD 10B-2018 Global Surface Intelligence Ltd. (GSI) Forest Health Monitoring from Satellite Capture and Machine Learning
  1. Disturbance layers will be presented as a likeliness heatmap in geo-tiffs format
  2. Outputs will be made available for download
KTTD 11B-2018 Global Surface Intelligence Ltd. (GSI) Species Composition Determined from Satellite Images and Machine Learning
  1. Forest species composition layers
  2. Spatial outputs will be made available in downloadable ESRI-compatible format in the prefered spatial projection
March 29, 2019
Lim Geomatics will be presenting a half-day knowledge transfer and information workshop about the new frontiers of enhanced forest resource inventory findings and results from two eFRI KTTD projects funded by the Forestry Futures Trust. We’ll also preview existing Lim Geomatics’ game-changing SaaS tools and provide an exclusive look at the integrated digital tools we’re launching for the forestry industry in the next few months.

More information and agenda pending.

September 19, 2018
The Forestry Futures Trust Committee received 20 applications under the is KTTD Round 2 Call for Proposals.  A summary of  approved projects, milestones and deliverables is available here.
   December 2017

   The MNRF eFRI program ten-year (2017-2026) strategic focus  is now available.

December 14, 2017
The Forestry Futures Trust Committee (FFTC) is pleased to announce its Round 2 Call for Proposals (click here for details) for eligible projects under the Enhanced Forest Resource Inventory (eFRI) Knowledge Transfer and Tool Development (KTTD) Program.  Up to $1,000,000 will be allocated in this Round for projects up to two years in duration. Applications forms are available under the side bar tab DOWNLOAD FORMS.The Program is open to all interested applicants including, but not limited to, university and private sector researchers, federal and provincial applied researchers, private consultants, non-governmental organizations, forest company staff, who can provide expertise in the areas of:
  • digital land and provincial forest imagery (Ontario)
  • forest inventory development within the context of Ontario’s Crown forests
  • processes to link imagery with land or forest inventory to meet operational or management needs at the local to provincial scales (applicable to Ontario’s forests)
  • creative solutions for developing and utilizing digital imagery and forest inventory
Program Themes
Projects will be developed under the framework of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) 2017-2026 Strategic Focus for the Forest Resources Inventory Program and fall under one or more of the following four themes:
  1. Tools and Products to Enhance the Production of the eFRI
  2. Tools and Products for Clients and Stakeholders
  3. LiDAR (single photon)
  4. Integrating Monitoring Framework
January 26, 2015

The Forestry Futures Trust Committee is pleased to announce a Call for Proposals  for eligible projects under the Enhanced Forest Resource Inventory (eFRI) Knowledge Transfer & Tool Development (KTTD) program.
April 29, 2013

In an effort to provide regular, up-to-date information on the status of the enhanced Forest Resources Inventory, the Ministry of Natural Resources is now preparing a biannual newsletter that will be shared via the Forestry Futures Trust website.
Enhancing Ontario's Forest Resource Inventory Winter 2013

October 24, 2014

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry biannual newsletter, for the enhanced Forest Resources Inventory, is now available.
Enhancing Ontario's Forest Resource Inventory Spring 2014
March 20, 2012

In an effort to provide regular, up-to-date information on the status of the enhanced Forest Resource Inventory, the Ministry of Natural Resources is now preparing a brief, biannual newsletter update that will be shared via the Forestry Futures Trust website.  Enhancing Ontario's Forest Resource Inventory Fall 2011


Enhanced Forest Resource Inventory (eFRI)

As part of the government’s response to the recommendations from the Minister's Council on Forest Sector Competitiveness, the enhancement of the Forest Resources Inventory program was announced on September 29, 2005. As part of the enhancement the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) assumed full responsibility for production of the Forest Resources Inventory.


The funding for the program will be administered by the Forestry Futures Trust Committee.  In addition, a Provincial Forest Inventory Advisory Committee (PFIAC) has been established to advise the MNR on how to ensure the FRI program remains current and effective.  The PFIAC may utilize a technical committee to provide input on the design of the program. The MNR retains the overall stewardship role, policy responsibility, scheduling and priority setting, standard setting, quality control and information management requirements for the program.


eFRI Funding Clarification


Funding for the eFRI program does not come from the traditional $0.48/cu m FFT stumpage charge, but has its own funding stream. The eFRI program has a separate $10 million/yr commitment by the government to ensure the success of this program. There is no net increase or decrease in the stumpage fees paid by forest industry nor does it affect the core FFT silviculture program.


> eFRI Program 2013 New and Ongoing Projects

> eFRI Program Process Flow Chart


> Kapuskasing  Accumulated eFRI Research &  Development and Training Survey Results

> Kapuskasing Survey Comments by Discussion Group



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